Military ATC

An ATC system for the military needs to ensure that it operates during normal conditions and during time of increased threats. DICOM’s Military ATC solutions are designed to meet the requirements for rapid response in all conditions in a secure, confidential, and scalable way. All voice communications, data, and field images are integrated and shared from various sources to create a total situational awareness. This helps commanders make decisions quickly and accurately.

ATC systems can be shared between civil and military controllers which improves situational awareness, safety, communication and economies of scale.

All hardware components are solidly designed, ensuring stable, long-term operation in harsh environments.

DICOM’s military ATC solution is interoperable with legacy systems and fully complies with the highest safety and security standards.

DICOM Advantage


DICOM’s Military ATC solution provides turnkey solutions to customers to ensure that the system works continuously without a single point of failure, improves safety and situational awareness, enhances operator efficiency and overcomes capacity constraints.


DICOM’s solution fits a wide range of systems and equipment and is easy to upgrade for future advancements.


DICOM understands the intricate requirements for a military ATC system and provides a comprehensive range of solutions and services to customers.

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Tatical Military ATC

Tactical Military ATC Tower is designed to provide air traffic control service for tactical operations, temporary operations, rapid deployments for emergency missions, relief operations, and ATC back-up on airports. It helps to establish and maintain air traffic control operations quickly and worldwide in all weather conditions and times of day or night.

Functional and practically equipped with all devices that are usually available in an ordinary fixed tower, the console is placed on an anti-shock system, and all critical equipment comply with military standards for shock and vibration. The cabin allows for up to 3 operators plus 1 supervisor position. The cabin is also fitted with a scissor-lifting system and a fully automated hydraulic drive with operational height of 6.5m above ground.

A trailer with a towing system allows transport by ship, truck, aircraft, helicopter or trailer.

The complete tactical mobile ATC tower can be powered either by landline or diesel generator. The generator will be started automatically when the local power supply fails.

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Command Vehicle

Command vehicles are deployed to maintain or enhance communication and coordination in emergencies and important security events. The command vehicle solution provides access through satellite communication, free wave communication and 3G/4G/5G cellular as well as radio communication.

Command vehicles can be deployed to any location in the country where the communication infrastructure is inadequate or has been disrupted. It can be enhanced interoperability among other authorities when needed.

Designed to be able to operate independently, the command vehicle is a comprehensive solution for a mobile command center with strong information capacity for strategic operations that require constantly changing operating positions, diverse communication methods. It provides the ability to coordinate forces flexibly and in a dynamic, every-changing situation.

These highly specialized vehicles augment the capabilities of the control center, allowing them to remotely and flexibly link different radio systems together. They provide a comfortable, fully-equipped workspace as a miniature operating center for on-site operation, with video conferencing, data analysis and processing, and information acquisition and management to situational awareness.

The operating position is integrated onto a compact touch screen with rugged design. It is easy to manipulate and control even when moving at high speed.

On the operating table, there is a full control panel of radio, telephone, video surveillance with the capacity for independent calling, group calling, cross-connect, and call recording features.

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